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What business issues/customer pain points led to desire to change? 

  • Managing defects for new apartments and homes is a very time-consuming process
  • There's no one-standard for handling and managing defects
  • Defects education
  • Customers unhappy with their purchase
  • Bad experience for customers
  • Defects not being managed properly
  • Time consuming to process defects

Why did the Customer reach out ? 

  • Interest extended from our Brisbane and Melbourne video wall projects for other services we provide
  • An established relationship with Cbus Property helped acquire this project

Was there a previous solution?  

  • Manual Excel spreadsheets
  • Aconex Field
  • Zutec
  • Buildinglink

If so, why was it inadequate? 

  • Each project differed and there was no standard process
  • The contracted builder utilised a different management system to the next
  • No customer interaction or interface integrated
  • Customers would go days/weeks/months without any updates
  • Defects would go unnoticed as there was minimal accountability
  • Developer didn't have eyes on the progress of each individual defect

What solution(s) was proposed? 

  • Responsive web application
  • Centralised database
  • Cloud-based storage 
  • Defect image upload
  • Automated reporting templates to save time for weekly/monthly meetings with builders
  • Streamlined customer onboarding process focused on SMS messaging

How was Automatum engaged? 

  • Designed and deployed the infrastructure required to run the application framework in record time with the highest security guard rails and inline with best practice. 

What were the key technologies used for this solution? 

  • PostgreSQL(RDS)
  • EC2 instances
  • S3 storage
  • SES
  • SNS
  • AWS Image processing

Were there any unusual or unique aspects to this project?  

  • Recommended that data and storage be based in Australia
  • Certain portions of the platform needed to be real-time
  • Devices needed to be WebRTC compatible

Who is using the solution or affected by it? 

  • Agencies
  • Builders
  • Developers
  • Customers
  • Apartment purchasers
  • Defects management teams
  • Building managers

How well does the solution resolve the customers challenge(s)? 

  • Much easier for customers to submit defects
  • The defects management process has become streamlined
  • Same defects submission process for each project
  • Reports can be generated instantaneously instead of manually preparing
  • Paperless system using PDF reports
  • Everything in one place

What are the Business benefits? (Measurable!) 

Cost Savings 

  • Massive savings in time
  • Doesn't cost the customer to use the platform
  • Defects education for customers


  • Defects details are all in one place
  • Easily accessible data relating to the life of an apartment
  • Defect history is available for developers and customers
  • Defects no longer being lost or misplaced


  • The business has access to all the data available in for each defect submission
  • Information isn't being withheld and in the handles of a sole person
  • Images can be uploaded to provide a higher quality defect submission

End user satisfaction

  • Easier to track defects
  • Easier to manage defects
  • Customers kept in the loop
  • Dashboard metrics and reporting helps provide accountability

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