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NoPinocchio provides a single, unified platform for all lines of business, they deliver a consistent application experience for consumers across products and channels. 

NoPinocchip was looking for a solution that ensured regulatory compliance and security in the cloud. They partnered with Automatum to assist with architecture and security implementation of the NoPinocchio digital experience platform on AWS. Automatom with it’s modular approach to business solutions provided a secure solution for NoPinocchio to interact with core banking systems and other secure environments. 

Automatom platform provided NoPinocchio with:

  • Easy to deploy repeatable infrastructure 
  • Secure infrastructure to protect personally identifiable information (PII) data that is stored on the platform
  • Internal resource time savings 
  • Ensuring financial data is secure in the cloud

What business issues/customer pain points led to desire to change? 

  • The process for purchasing your first home is lengthy and disconnected
  • Requires creating many different accounts on different platforms:
  1. Submit profile information on platform 1
  2. Upload specific documents on platform 2
  3. Get bank statements through platform 3 and upload to platform 2
  4. Send messages on platform 4
  5. Video call on platform 5
  6. etc
  • Double handling of data
  • Customer has to enter the same information multiple times through the purchasing journey

Why did the Customer reach out?

  • Wanted to improve the process flow for a customer purchasing their first home
  • Potentially an all-in-one solution
  • Taking the existing experience to the next level
  • Needed a  secure infrastructure to stay compliant with regulations
  • Needed to ensure their customer data is secure
  • Needed to deploy the solution in a timely manner
  • Had to ensure the solution is scalable and fault tolerant

Was there a previous solution? 

  • Signing up and creating multiple accounts
  • Entering the same data into each account
  • Manual handling of communication between third party providers
  • A different piece of technology for each step of the process
  • An all-in-one solution did no exist previously

If so, why was it inadequate? 

  • Too many accounts needed to be created
  • Too much double handling of the same data
  • Some technology platforms were difficult to use
  • Quality of data required following up on

What solution(s) was proposed? 

  • Responsive web application (EC2) 
  • Centralised database (Relational Database Service -RDS) 
  • Cloud-based storage (S3) 
  • Seamless partnerships and integrations (External financial systems) 
  • WebRTC video chat (Chime SDK and API Gateway)
  • Real-time chat (Chime SDK and API Gateway)
  • Digital signing (EC2) 

How was Automatum engaged? 

Automatum was used to deploy the solution for a three tiered architecture and WebRTC. Automatum delivered the infrastructure in a matter of days. The NoPinocchio team did not have to invest months into figuring out how to set up the infrastructure and they could focus on business outcomes. 

What were the key technologies used for this solution? 

  • EC2 instances
  • S3 storage
  • Redis server
  • Docker
  • ECR
  • SES
  • SNS
  • AWS Chime

Were there any unusual or unique aspects to this project?  

  • Recommended that data and storage be based in Australia
  • Certain portions of the platform needed to be real-time
  • Devices needed to be WebRTC compatible
  • Chime SDK added support for recording the sessions just in time for the project

Who is using the solution or affected by it? 

  • First home buyers
  • Real-estate investors
  • Real-estate developers
  • Real-estate marketers
  • Brokers
  • Builders

How well does the solution resolve the customers challenge(s)? 

  • Customers are able to get onboarded into the system and essentially purchase their first home without needing to leave the system to create another account
  • Paperless system
  • Double-handling of data is reduced
  • Everything in one place

What are the Business benefits? (Measurable!) 

Cost Savings 

  • Great savings in time
  • Doesn't cost the customer to use the platform


  • Managing the flow for purchasing a new home is all in one place
  • The main documents and information is accessible from a few clicks away instead of having to go off system
  • Key person risk has been mitigated as all the documentation relevant to an application is available in a single place instead of being in the hands of a single person


  • The business has access to all the data available in each application
  • Information isn't being withheld and in the handles of a sole person
  • Scalable system

End user satisfaction 

  • Quicker to submit details for an incident
  • Data was readily available
  • Team performance was measurable
  • Time to purchase your first home has dramatically improved
  • Performance can be tracked in real-time
  • Relevant details and documents are readily available
  • Simple all-in-one process
  • Fast response time

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