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Present Plate is a presentation and demonstration tool, all documents and information are accessible through IOS devices.  it allows users to create and manage their own interactive sales presentation.

They reached out to Automatum to help them design and deploy the infrastructure required to scale their application.

What business issues/customer pain points led to desire to change? 

  • Only available on a custom built touchscreen computer that was designed to be set into a table
  • Windows based operating system
  • Over time the hardware required updating
  • Software updates were required
  • Deprecation issues started to arise
  • End of life for operating system

Why did the Customer reach out? 

  • Have presentations work on iPads and Android tablets
  • Needed a cloud-based web application for the presentation editor
  • Centralised database for all devices to communicate to
  • Wanted subscription payment gateway implemented for easier payments
  • Wanted to allow admins to makes their own changes to presentations instead of making requests

Was there a previous solution?  

  • Q1 Design touchscreen tables

If so, why was it inadequate? 

  • On-premise only
  • Changes required to be made directly to the system itself
  • Not portable
  • Best suited for long term display suites
  • Not scalable
  • Deprecated Windows-based system

What solution(s) did was proposed? 

  • Online web editor for presentations
  • Centralised database
  • iOS application for iPad
  • Android application for tablets
  • Share presentations with team members
  • Download presentations to iPad for offline mode and viewing
  • Apple TV secondary screen sharing
  • Stripe payment gateway integration
  • Scalable cloud-based storage

How were Automatum engaged? 

  • Proposing and deploying the relevant solution to the customer and deploying it to their environment with no lengthy wait times. 

What were the key technologies used for this solution? 

  • MySQL (RDS) 
  • AWS Lightsail
  • S3 storage
  • SES
  • AWS Cloudfront
  • AWS Image processing

Were there any unusual or unique aspects to this project?  

  • Offline mode for presentations on iPads
  • Utilising Apple TV as a secondary screen
  • Share presentations with other team members
  • Bulk folder structure uploads and replicating in database

Who is using the solution or affected by it? 

  • Real-estate sales agents
  • Marketing agencies
  • Real-estate developers
  • Sales reps
  • Meeting presentations

How well does the solution resolve the customers challenge(s)? 

  • Presentations can be accessed remotely via iPads
  • If situations of hardware failure, presentations can be downloaded and ready to go very quickly
  • Presentation editor is accessible online
  • Storage limitations are not an issue anymore due to scalable S3 services
  • Hardware maintenance and support is not an issue anymore as the application works on iPads
  • Presentation is not stuck on-premise and can now be shared

What are the Business benefits? (Measurable!) 

Cost Savings 

  • Massive savings in time
  • Don't have to invest in expensive custom hardware


  • Presentations are accessible via the Plate App on the Apple App store and can be downloaded instantly
  • Offline-mode allows to access downloaded presentations for situations where there is no internet
  • Staff timesheets can be managed from a range of devices due to responsive design


  • Storage assets are now stored in the cloud and reducing risk of losing content
  • Application works on iPads instead of relying on custom hardware
  • Internet is accessible in most places so presentations can be downloaded where needed
  • Changes can be made relatively quickly using the web editor

End user satisfaction

  • Cheaper solution for the end user
  • Can share presentations with other team members
  • Can make their own changes and updates instead of relying on making requests
  • Peace of mind with cloud-based storage

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